Simple and Easy Nail Art for Beginners

As fashion continues to evolve from time to time, the nail polish game has found its own growth with the rising popularity in nail art. With just a swish of brush, nail art has become a trend that women are falling!

Back in the years, nail art was not common in the fashion industry and fast forward to the present, it became a huge obsession. This makes you want to jump into the bandwagon and get some flattering and classy nail art ideas for yourself. Here we will present some simple nail art designs for beginners which will give you a beautiful and perfect touch for your outfit. From the easiest style to the most creative design – we have chosen 5 simple nail art. These nail art designs are very easy and interesting, you can even perform them at home.

  1. Water Droplet Nail Art

The main reason of getting this type of nail art is to give the illusion that there are rain droplets permanently resting on top of your fingernails. We can achieve this by keeping the black matte nail polish as the base color and then spreading silver stones over it. The stones can be used in a single pattern or in spread way.


  1. Gold and White Nail Art

Gold and white are the two favorite colors of most girls, right? They are fancy yet casual and perfect for any occasion or just a normal day. Perfect when paired with the same style of clothes and accessories. The shimmering gold color makes a beautiful contrast against pearl white nail polish.

  1. White Pearl Nail Art

Take your manicure to the next level when you choose white pearl nail design. This is a basic design yet the most elegant one and can rock almost any event. It is pretty simple to do, just use natural nail polish and add a faded white color below it.

  1. White and Wine Nail Art

The white and wine color combo is the perfect duo as a a go-to shade for any sophisticated look. This nail art design  is characterized with a simple swirling of white on top of the wine color. The white cross will stand out while the wine one will balance it out.

  1. Mini Icon Nail Art

Mini icons are just very admirable when you add it on a cute pink nail polish. It creates an adorable look for short nails since it does not need more space.


Take note to not limit your creativity to what you see on the internet. Let your imagination get the best of you and always try something new, don’t be afraid to add an extra glitter on your nails too! Just be sure to get yourself a manicure or at least cut your nails properly before doing your art work.